From Our Archives: Orchid Flowers

REPRINTED FROM THE SUN, JANUARY 31, 1853:Passing along either of the great uptown venues one cannot help noticing time beautiful display of orchid flowers In the florist windows A dozen years ago very few of these gorgeous blossoms found their way to the city florists. Those then grown in the country were mostly confined to private conservatories and to nurserymen who dealt In orchids but refused to cut the flowers. Now this order has changed and rich blossoms have become a staple commodity of the florist shops.

In private greenhouses all manner of orchids are grown, variety being one pleasure of connoisseur. Not so with the florists who raise orchid flowers for market. They restrict their selection to easily grown free-blooming winter-flowering kinds that have large showy blossoms and this is why while the display of orchids in the florists’ window is colorful, the variety is limited. Just now it consist largely ot cattleya trianae, C. percivaliana, calanthe vestita, C. Veitchii and Cypripedium insigne. There are also a few blossoms of cattleya maxima…

orchid flower