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  • Orchid Market Passed $1 Billion Mark

    Orchid Market Passed $1 Billion Mark

    The global orchid market has passed the $1 Billion mark in 2010. The leading orchid producing countries in 2010 are Country Orchid Production Japan $280 Million USA $170 Million Taiwan $130 Million China $70 Million Brazil $60 Million United Kingdom $45 Million Thailand $35 Million Italy $30 Million New Zealand $20 Million The orchid market […]

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  • Orchid Care Management Workshop, June 2011

    Orchid Care Management Workshop, June 2011

    The workshop Orchid Care Management will show the possibilities for small/midsize business of growing orchids in the hothouse. While emphasis will be on small orchid nursery, the methods outlined at the workshop are also applicable to larger scale orchid growing operation. Also covered in the workshop is the choice of orchid species, orchid care, orchid […]

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  • Carnivorous Orchids

    Carnivorous Orchids

    Carnivorous orchids are trapping insects and digesting their prey.

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  • Sarracenia – Carnivorous Orchid

    Sarracenia – Carnivorous Orchid

    Sarracenia is a carnivorous orchid trapping insects and digesting its prey.

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